Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We took some time today to work on cleaning the house which has unfortunately been sorely neglected as of late! The weather was great today - overcast, cool, and misty - my favorite weather. I think Trey and I got enough rocks moved that we can fix the fence. Also, I think we're going to take the rest of the rocks and make an area to park our pop up camper. That's an expense that won't happen, so that's good. It'll just be more back breaking work. Yuck. Oh well, it has to be done. There's always something. Here's our progress out by the fence:

I could live here until I am 100, and I would never get used to having cold Memorial Days. I'm used to Memorial Days filled with outside BBQs at the lake and hot weather. This cold weather is just weird to have on a Memorial Day. We're going to build a fire and make hot chocolate tonight which while it will be nice is just WRONG! Here's a couple of cute pictures that I took today:

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