Thursday, May 8, 2008

I am woman hear me roar, part 2

I had to rush to beat the rain today, but I got most of my landscaping project done! It was heavy work moving all those rocks around, so I feel like I got a good workout. I got all but one of the landscaping bricks down. That one I have to break, so I am going to wait until this weekend when Trey is home and he can help me. I got the cement drain cleaned out, the landscaping bricks down, the rocks moved around, and seed mulch down and watered.

I also put down some seed mulch in a couple places in the yard. Next to my pretty bush, the neighbor used to have a huge tree. Well, they cut that down last year. Where all the shade used to be, there is a bald patch in the yard. You can see where I put seed mulch down on it in this picture.

Here are a few cute pictures. This is my "helper" today.

These pictures I took last night. He was just too cute to resist. I love his feet!!!


tatgurl said...

It's looking great!! You've really been working hard. I hope that it pays off for you by being able to sell your house quickly and get out on the road!!

The vid. is awesome. Great to see the kiddos in action.

Misty said...

Thanks. I hope so, too!