Saturday, May 24, 2008

Progress and a set back

First, the progress: I pulled up the stump, and holy cow was that a lot of work! I also got the landscaping bricks down on a large area. I got an area even for the sandbox, and Trey filled it up with sand. Here are the pictures:

We have some progress in the kitchen, too. We finally have one door hung, and I think it looks really good.

Now, the frustrating set back: The whole deck is going to have to come down. There were several places that we were going to have to fix it, including the step that broke, but unfortunately, the whole underneath is just rotten. There's no way to fix it really, so we're going to have to tear it down. We are going to replace it with pavers and make a nice patio. I'm just so frustrated. It's beginning to feel like the never ending journey. At what point do we just cry "uncle?" I'm so tired and so tired of being tired. I want Trey and I to grow old together not kill each other trying to sell a stupid house. Our dream of roadschooling for a year seems to be gone, and I'm wondering when we are ever going to be able to move.

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