Monday, May 12, 2008

Rocks, rocks, and more rocks

Before we can sell the house, we have to fix the back fence. The people who lived here before us, did some weird things. Someone piled rocks against the back fence which is pushing the fence over. We have to move all those rocks before we can fix the fence. I had the idea of giving the kids a chance to make some money by helping me move the rocks. They were pretty into it. We made some good headway today. All the bugs in the rocks were pretty creepy, but the job has to be done. Two or three more days like today, and I think we can have it done and be ready to fix the fence. Here are before and after pictures from today.

Here are some pictures of my helpers! Beth Ann helped after she got home, but I forgot to get the camera out.

Oh yea, and I also pulled up dandelions - again - for another hour and a half. Did I mention I hate dandelions?

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