Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Growth

The seed mulch that we laid down is growing grass!!! I'm very excited about that. We've tried to grow new grass by seed a couple of times, but it just hasn't worked, so this year we tried the mulch - SUCCESS!

The seeds are sprouting in the garden.

Here's the first zucchini plant!

I put in two new rose bushes in the front.

This is Fred. We got Fred for Halloween, and we liked him so much we left him out!

This spring we were trying to figure out why we had this circle in the front yard where grass wouldn't grow. I put down some mulch there to see if we could get grass to grow. It's growing, but we remembered what was there last year that killed the grass; we have a fairy ring (you can't see it too well in the picture, but there are mushrooms growing!). Last year we thought it was pretty cool, but this year we're trying to sell the house! Any green thumbs out there know what to do about this:

Last but not least - here is my arch nemesis!!! It's a small pile today, but my hands are just too darn sore to keep going.

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