Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dandelions and Karma

I officially HATE dandelions. I dug up dandelions for two hours, at least, today, and I'm not even a quarter of a way through them yet. I pretty much got all of them out of the front lawn, but the back has more dandelions than grass I'm afraid. I figured out today that it was merely karma coming back to me ten fold. I remember being a little girl and loving to grab the dandelions from our front yard. I could feel the gentle, warm Southern breeze, and the sun high in the sky. It was nearly perfect. Now, take a deep breath and blow the white, fluffy dandelion seeds all across the yard and watch them float lazily on the breeze. Then came the response, "NOOOOO!!! Don't do that!" "Why Daddy?" "Because they'll just make more dandelion plants." "But Daddy, they're so pretty!" Karma in action. Sorry Dad.

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